What we do

Traffic Bot Features

Smart Traffic

Our artificial intelligence will simulate human behavior and adapt to your traffic to website individually.

Premium Traffic

We only use residential Ip addresses for our traffic to ensure the best quality and trackability.

Customizable Traffic

Users can choose from a variety of traffic settings, including traffic speed, bounce rate, visitor returning rate, timzone, behavior and more.

Multiple Traffic Sources

Users can choose from a variety of traffic sources, including direct, organic, referral, and social, to suit their specific needs and boost rankings.

Traffic Volume

This feature allows users to control the amount of traffic they receive, and can be useful for testing, optimizing, ranking and website performance.

Bounce Rate

Allows users to set a specific percentage for the number of visitors that leave the website after visiting only one page.

Returning Visitor Rate

Customize the percentage of users who return to a website multiple times, to increase the level of engagement and loyalty of website visitors.


Our tool allows you to target specific geographical locations for your website traffic. It enables you to deliver visitors based on their country, state & city.

Time On Page

Let your visitors visit each page from 5 seconds up to 5 minutes and improve your websites engagement.

Device Control

Allows users to target specific device types (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop) for their traffic campaign.

Navigation Funnels

Navigation funnels are a feature that allows you to customize the path that visitors take on your website.


Enables users to use shortlinks like cutt.ly for their traffic campaigns, for example to track clicks on links.

Wordpress Jetpack

The WordPress tracking feature allows users to track the traffic coming from traffic-bot.com in their WordPress Jetpack panel.

Google Analytics

Allows website owners to track and analyze their website's traffic and visitor behavior using Google's Analytics platform.

Time Zone Control

Allows users to set a custom timezone for their traffic campaign, so that all data and statistics are displayed according to their desired timezone.

Free Traffic

Allows users to test the traffic service and see how it can improve their website's rankings and engagement before committing to a paid plan.

HTTP Language Control

Allows users to set the language preference of the website they are visiting. This can be useful for websites that offer content in multiple languages.

AdSense Safe

We ensure that any ads displayed on the website will not be affected, and revenue from ads will not be lost due to invalid traffic.