Optimizing Your Web Traffic with Device Settings

Martin Freiwald

Sept 28, 2023

2 min read

What is the Device Settings Feature?

The Device Settings feature is a robust tool that enables you to tailor web traffic based on specific device types. This allows you to control whether your visitors access your website via a computer, tablet, phone, or other devices.

Whether your goal is to simulate realistic user behavior or send targeted signals to search engines, this feature provides the versatility to fine-tune your traffic strategy.

Available Device Options

Traffic Bot offers a Device Selection feature across all our paid traffic plans, including Economy, Professional, and Expert. Within each of these plans, you have the flexibility to choose from four distinct device options, allowing you to tailor your traffic strategy to meet specific needs.

  • Realistic Behavior (30% Mobile):
    This setting offers a balanced mix of desktop and mobile traffic, with 30% of the traffic generated from mobile devices.
  • Desktop Only (Windows and Mac):
    If your target audience primarily uses desktop computers, this setting restricts traffic to Windows and Mac devices.
  • Mobile-Only:
    For a mobile-focused strategy, this setting ensures that all traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • Completely Random:
    If you prefer a more organic approach, this setting provides a random mix of desktop and mobile traffic.
Screenshot from user panel with device settings

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