Welcome to Traffic Bot's Affiliate Program

Last modified: February 09, 2024

Transform Your Network into Revenue

Join the Traffic-Bot Affiliate Program today and partner with a leading traffic generation platform. By becoming an affiliate, you unlock the potential for unlimited earnings through our generous commission structure, extended cookie duration, and unparalleled support.

Why Partner with Traffic-Bot?

  • Lucrative Commissions:
    Enjoy a 40% commission on sales made by referred users. This isn't a one-off payment; you'll receive commissions for every transaction they make, for life.

  • Extended Cookie Duration:
    Our tracking cookies last for a full year, maximizing your chances to earn from referrals.

  • Dedicated Support:
    Our affiliate marketers benefit from comprehensive support, including promotional materials and detailed tracking, to help you succeed.

  • Low Payout Threshold:
    Access your earnings once they reach just $50, with payouts available through multiple channels for your convenience.

Sign up, promote Traffic-Bot using our range of tools and materials, and start earning. We provide real-time analytics and flexible payout options to support your success.

How It Works: Simple Steps to Success

  1. Sign Up:
    Joining is easy and free. Start by signing up for our affiliate program.

  2. Promote:
    Use our promotional tools to share Traffic-Bot with your network. Whether it's through social media, your website, or direct communication, we have you covered.

  3. Earn:
    Track your success through our affiliate dashboard and enjoy regular payouts for your efforts.

Unmatched Affiliate Benefits

  1. First Cookie Wins:
    Just like SE Ranking's model, we ensure that if your referrals don't immediately sign up or purchase, you're still credited for sales made within the cookie duration, thanks to our "first cookie wins" policy.

  2. Real-Time Analytics:
    Access up-to-the-minute statistics on your referrals, clicks, and earnings. Our transparent dashboard ensures you're always informed about your performance and payouts.

  3. Flexible Payout Options:
    Choose from multiple payout options, including PayPal and bank transfer, ensuring you receive your earnings in the most convenient way for you.

  4. No Maximum Earning Cap:
    The sky's the limit. The more referrals you convert, the more you earn. There's no cap on your potential earnings.

Join Us Today

Become part of a thriving community of affiliates driving traffic across the globe. With Traffic-Bot, you're not just earning; you're contributing to the success of websites worldwide. Sign up now and start your journey to becoming a successful Traffic-Bot affiliate.

For more details, visit our affiliate program page or reach out to our dedicated support team. We're here to help you every step of the way.


How do I join the Traffic-Bot Affiliate Program?

Joining is easy! Simply sign up. You don't need a paid subscription to join, and it's completely free to sign up.

What commission rate does Traffic-Bot offer?

We offer a generous 40% commission rate for life on all sales made by users you refer, for every transaction they complete.

How long do Traffic-Bot's tracking cookies last?

Our tracking cookies last for a full year, ensuring you have the best chance to earn commissions from referrals who may not purchase immediately.

When and how are affiliate payouts made?

Payouts are processed once you reach a minimum of $50. We offer multiple payout options, including PayPal and bank transfer, to accommodate your preferences.

Can I earn commissions on my own purchases?

No, the affiliate program is designed to reward you for referring new customers. Purchases made through your own affiliate link will not qualify for a commission.

How can I track my referrals and commissions?

We provide a real-time dashboard where you can track your referrals, clicks, commissions, and payouts. Everything is updated in real-time to keep you informed.

Are there any restrictions on how I can promote Traffic-Bot?

Yes, we ask that you do not use our brand name in any paid advertising campaigns, including Google Ads or social media paid ads. Additionally, ensure your promotions comply with our terms and conditions, focusing on ethical and honest marketing practices.

What support does Traffic-Bot offer its affiliates?

We offer full support to our affiliates, including access to promotional materials, detailed tracking tools, and a dedicated affiliate manager to assist you with any questions or needs.

Can my affiliate earnings be capped?

No, there's no maximum threshold for your earnings. The more sales you generate, the more you'll earn. There's unlimited potential for your earnings.

What happens if a user I refer cancels their subscription?

You'll earn commissions on sales during the time the referred user's subscription is active. If they cancel, future commissions from that user will cease, but you'll retain earnings from their past transactions.