Simple Traffic Bot 2024 Review: Automated Traffic Heaven?

Martin Freiwald

Oct 03, 2023

7 min read

#8 Simple Traffic Bot

Simple Traffic Bot home page.


Are you seeking a free bot traffic solution to boost your website's visibility and attract visitors? Simple Traffic Bot is a website traffic software that is effective and user-friendly. In this review, we will dive into the details of this website traffic bot exploring its user dashboard, pricing, support, and traffic quality.

Simple Traffic Video Guide:


The user dashboard of Simple Traffic Bot is easy to navigate with a simple layout, but it provides only a limited range of traffic options. More traffic control options would be helpful. Nonetheless, this traffic bot does offer a few options to generate vital website traffic. Additionally, the software includes a primary traffic monitor to help you easily track your campaigns. This traffic software allows you to generate website traffic quickly and effortlessly while maintaining control over your campaigns through just a few clicks.


Simple Traffic Bot offers three affordable pricing plans to cater to different users' needs. Simple traffic is a cheap option compared to other competitors, which provide traffic plans up to $1800, such as, because this type of traffic is the most basic you can buy.

Months Price Machine Windows User Threads Extras
1 $29 1 User 1 Machine 1 Thread None
6 $59 1 User 1 Machine 3 Threads Source Traffic (Referral) + (Search Engine)
12 $99 1 User 1 Machine 5 Threads @twitter
Simple Traffic Bot pricing table


Simple Traffic Bot provides poor customer support compared to other traffic bot services. The current customer support is a contact form on their website. Unfortunately, there is no live chat feature, which can make resolving issues on the spot difficult. However, the support team is responsive and will assist with activating the software and troubleshooting any problems. Moreover, Simple Traffic Bot offers a refund policy for unresponsive keys, providing peace of mind for its users. They state: "Most queries will be responded to within a few hours. We strive to respond to all questions within 48 hours."

Refund Policy - Important!

Simple Traffic Bot is only doing refunds if your software key is not working! Opening a dispute without this particular reason will result in blocking your software key as a penalty!

Traffic Quality

This website traffic bot delivers fast, easy, and low-quality website traffic through its software.It's a great option to generate a large amount of website traffic to improve your statistics. However, this type of traffic will not improve your search engine results. It cannot simulate human website traffic as it does not use any proxies. Simple Traffic Bor will still simulate human behavior by using 418 user agents and processing basic behavior such as scrolling on your website. Depending on the traffic plan you have purchased, it can also drive traffic through referral and Search engine traffic.


In conclusion, Simple Traffic Bot is a powerful website traffic bot that delivers basic website traffic for a low price. It's a great tool to test your website. With its user-friendly dashboard and competitive pricing traffic generation, this traffic bot is a valid option for everyone needing a SIMPLE TRAFFIC BOT, as the name states. It could be a better option for anyone needing a professional traffic bot that improves search engine rankings or other more complicated tasks. Although the lack of live chat support may be a minor drawback, the responsive support team and refund policy for unresponsive keys provide some reassurance. If you are looking for a basic traffic bot, try Simple Traffic Bot and experience the benefits for yourself!