Review Sides Media - The Ultimate Traffic Bot Review 2024

Martin Freiwald

Oct 03, 2023

7 min read

#22 Sides Media

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When it comes to website traffic services, there are numerous options available in the market. One of these services is offered by SidesMedia. In this review, we'll look closer at SidesMedia's website traffic service, including the user dashboard, pricing, support, and traffic quality, and conclude whether this service is worth your time and money.


The first thing to note is that SidesMedia's user dashboard does not provide the level of customization you might expect from a website traffic service. It resembles an online shop more than a dashboard, with limited options to tailor the traffic to your needs. Geo-targeting is restricted to a single country. Regarding referral traffic, you can only choose one referring website from their list rather than being free to select any website.

Sidesmedia purchase page screenshot.


SidesMedia's pricing is on the expensive side when compared to its competitors. They charge $2.99 for 1,000 hits and $99 for 100,000 visits. Given the limited customization options and the quality of the service, it's hard to justify these prices.

Sidesmedia pricing screenshot.


While SidesMedia claims to offer 24/7 support, no live chat option is available. The only way to reach their support team is by filling out a form on their "Contact Us" page. In today's fast-paced digital world, not having live support is a significant drawback.

Sidesmedia support page screenshot.

Traffic Quality

Many negative reviews and warnings can be found online regarding the quality of traffic provided by SidesMedia. It's essential to be cautious when considering their services, as numerous blogs advise against using them. Low-quality traffic can harm your website's reputation and hinder its growth.


SidesMedia's website traffic service leaves much to be desired. With a limited user dashboard, expensive pricing, lack of live support, and questionable traffic quality, it's hard to recommend their services. For those looking to improve their website traffic and grow their online presence, it's advisable to explore other options in the market that offer better customization, pricing, and support.