Legit or Not?
SerpClix SEO Traffic
Review 2023

Martin Freiwald

Oct 30, 2023

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Delve into this incisive, thorough examination of SerpClix, where I offer a bird's eye view of the services rendered by SerpClix and the critical considerations you should bear in mind while utilizing their offerings. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over a decade in the realms of purchasing and vending website traffic, optimizing SEO traffic, and leveraging Click-Through Rate (CTR) manipulation tools to enhance the CTR of search engine results, notably on Google, I am poised to impart valuable insights about SerpClix.

This review is a distillation of my hands-on experience with SerpClix, aiming to furnish you with a clearer comprehension of its operations and why a cautious approach is advisable when engaging with them. By the conclusion of this insightful review, you'll be better positioned to decide if SerpClix is the ideal service for your SEO traffic acquisition needs.

Your journey toward making an informed decision begins here as we unravel the modus operandi of SerpClix and the implications it carries for your online endeavors.

    Table Of Content

  • What Is Serpclix?
  • What Is CTR Manipulation
  • User Experience
  • Click Settings
  • Click Pricing
  • Click Quality
  • Refund Policy
  • Unused Clicks Expire
  • Support
  • Case Studies
  • Conclusion
  • SerpClix Legit?
  • SerpClix Alternatives
  • FAQ
Serpclix landing page screenshot.

What Is Serpclix?

SerpClix is a tool that aims to improve your website's SEO rankings by increasing the click-through rate (CTR) using real people to click on your site. It's touted as an easy platform to use, with actual humans doing the clicking, to drive more targeted traffic to your website. Unlike some other services that use automated bots for clicks, SerpClix takes pride in having over 100,000 real people from around the world doing the clicking, and they get paid for it. This way, those who use SerpClix can potentially see their website rankings improve.

Yet, when it comes to CTR manipulation, it's wise to be cautious. Though SerpClix does what it claims, manipulating clicks can be a grey area, as it's not always in line with the guidelines set by most search engines.

What is CTR Manipulation?

CTR (Click-Through Rate) Manipulation involves tactics to artificially increase the number of clicks a link receives in search engine results, aiming to boost its ranking. This is based on the idea that search engines see higher click-through rates as a sign of relevance and quality, thus improving the ranking of the webpage in the search results.

User Experience

SerpClix offers two registration options: you can sign up as a clicker or as a buyer. While signing up as a clicker is simple and straightforward, the process for registering as a buyer is more complex and can initially come off as suspicious. To access your user panel, you're required to make a payment upfront.

Even if you opt for a trial, you won't get dashboard access, which negatively impacts the user experience and may make SerpClix seem less professional and more like a scam at first glance.


SerpClix offers a more streamlined approach when it comes to traffic settings. It's quite straightforward compared to other services, with fewer options to tweak your traffic. You get to choose the country your clicks come from and the particular ranking you wish to enhance. You can target a variety of platforms including:

  • Google Search
  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Google Maps
  • Videos
  • News
  • Youtube

This simplicity can be a boon for those who prefer a hassle-free setup, ensuring you get right to improving your rankings on these platforms with minimal fuss.

SerpClix Pricing

SerpClix comes with a higher price tag, with its least expensive plan kicking off at $197 monthly, placing it among the pricier options for SEO traffic services. The cost is attributed to its unique selling point of providing traffic through real human clickers, rather than relying on proxies for generating clicks on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Plan Monthly Cost Credits Clicks Cost Per Click (CPC)
Starter $197 6,000 660 $0.30
Bronze $297 12,000 1,330 $0.22
Silver $497 25,000 2,800 $0.18
Gold $997 55,000 6,000 $0.17
Platinum $2,497 150,000 16,500 $0.15

They offer a 14-day trial, but it requires a credit card upfront. If you forget to cancel before the trial ends, you'll be billed the full amount, which might deter some individuals from trying the service without the financial commitment.

Serpclix pricing screenshot.

Click Quality

SerpClix boasts a network of over 100,000 real people ready to click on your site, allowing for targeted traffic from any country or language. This human-driven approach, as opposed to bot traffic, may provide more valuable visits to your site, possibly boosting your SEO rankings.

However, there's a caveat. Some clickers might use a VPN to disguise their actual location, which could negatively impact your rankings. While SerpClix assures that their clickers are genuinely located in the specified regions, a reality check is in order. It's unlikely, for instance, that someone in the USA would participate for a maximum earning of $0.10 per click.

Refund Policy - Watch out!

The refund policy of SerpClix may not comply with the legal standards in many regions, particularly in Europe, where such a refund policy is not permissible, potentially hindering their ability to offer services there. They have a strict no-refund policy in place.

According to SerpClix: "You understand that SerpClix assumes costs immediately after you submit an order to SerpClix and acknowledge that as a result no partial or complete refunds will be issued by SerpClix to you at any time, for any reason, once you have made a payment for SerpClix services."

Beware of Expiring Clicks!

Purchasing SEO traffic from SerpClix comes with a catch - your bought traffic can expire! Personally, I find this practice quite unfair and seemingly designed to disadvantage clients who are inactive. Unlike SerpClix, other reputable platforms like Google AdWords ensure that your money doesn’t vanish just because you’ve been inactive. It's crucial to thoroughly read and understand their terms of use, as this could be a major turn-off for marketers.

According to SerpClix: "...the credits will expire at the earliest of either: a. 30 days of inactivity in the account, or b. 180 days after purchase."

Fake Case Studies?

In my analysis of SerpClix, I aimed to authenticate the case studies showcased on their website, which are intended to entice potential customers.

Case Study #1

The initial case study purportedly conducted by Nova Solutions isn't available on their website, despite SerpClix's reference. The earliest blog posts on Nova Solutions' site date back to 2021, while the mentioned case study is from 2019. It's plausible that the case study was archived due to its age.

Case Study #2

The second case study, on the other hand, does exist. Moreover, the SEO agency involved has also published another case study concerning a CTR manipulation tool. However, it's noteworthy that both case studies are from 2019, and there hasn't been any new content on the site since 2021, suggesting that the site may no longer be active.


The support provided by SerpClix to its website visitors seems quite restricted. They do have a FAQ section, where one would expect to find information on their refund policy and details on expiring traffic credits, but it appears this information is deliberately left out. Additionally, they lack a basic live chat or ticket system for contacting support. Given their refund terms and traffic expiry system, the limited support is concerning.

This raises questions about the kind of help and professionalism you can expect if you run into any issues while using the platform.


SerpClix presents a distinct method for enhancing SEO rankings by employing real people to boost your website's click-through rate (CTR). Although the idea holds potential, there are several areas where the service could do better:

  • Streamlining Dashboard Access

  • Customer Support

  • Refund Policy

  • Expensive SEO Traffic

  • Addressing issues like outdated traffic policy

  • Providing Recent Case Studies

If boosting your website's CTR is a priority and you don’t mind splurging on a pricier service with limited support, SerpClix could be a consideration. Nonetheless, given the downsides, it's crucial to balance the prospective advantages against the costs and look into other options for elevating your SEO rankings.

Is SerpClix Legitimate?

SerpClix doesn't appear to be a legitimate service owing to its refund policy, which reportedly contravenes European law. Although they provide the service advertised, their terms of use seemingly lack adequate buyer protection.

Alternatives to SerpClix:

If you're exploring alternatives to SerpClix, several other reputable services might cater to your needs better. The following site are offering a similar service with better conditions:

  • Traffic Bot
  • Traffic Creator
  • Sparktraffic

These alternatives are seen as legitimate and are known for delivering quality service.

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