Multiple Traffic Sources: A Comprehensive Guide

Martin Freiwald

Sept 28, 2023

4 min read


Diversifying your website's traffic sources is essential for a robust online presence. Our platform allows you to combine multiple traffic sources in a single project, streamlining your efforts and maximizing impact. This guide will walk you through the steps to effectively set up and manage multiple traffic sources.

How To Add Organic Traffic

To generate website visitors based on specific keywords, you can easily set this up in your project settings. First, select 'Referral' as your traffic type, and then follow the scheme below to incorporate organic traffic into your project.

Keyword: automated traffic bot --

Keyword: free traffic bot --

Keyword: best traffic bot --

A screenshot from user settings showing how to add organic traffic to the project.

How To Add Social Traffic

It's crucial to avoid using landing pages as referral sources, such as, since they won't be recognized as social media traffic by most tracking tools. Instead, use links from social media posts, articles, groups, business pages, or other specific social media pages.

A screenshot from user settings showing how to add social traffic to the project.

Combined Traffic Sources

To simultaneously generate Social, Referral, and Organic traffic, you can incorporate social media links into your referral traffic link boy, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

A screenshot from user settings showing how to add multiple traffic sources to the project.

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