Simple Traffic 2024 Review: Drive Traffic Effortlessly?

Martin Freiwald

Oct 03, 2023

7 min read

#7 Simple Traffic

Simple Traffic landing page screenshot


Generating traffic to your website is essential for online success. Simple Traffic is a platform that aims to boost your website traffic using real visitors. In this review, we will focus on the website traffic maker's main features, including the user dashboard, pricing, support, and traffic quality. We will also evaluate the service as a website visit bot alternative and a simple traffic bot solution.


The user dashboard of Simple Traffic, a free traffic bot alternative, is intuitive and easy to navigate. Users can track their traffic sources and gain insights into improving their website's speed. The dashboard allows users to configure targeting options for countries, devices, and internet browsers, ensuring the delivered traffic is relevant to their target audience. The dashboard also displays subscription status and remaining traffic quota, providing a seamless experience for users seeking a simple traffic bot solution.


Simple Traffic offers competitive pricing for its traffic services. Users can start with a free 5-day trial, receiving 2,500 real website visitors to test the service without any financial commitment. After the trial, users can choose from several paid plans based on their traffic needs. The pricing starts at $15 per month for 15,000 visitors and goes up to $400 per month for 600,000 visitors. Users can find the full pricing details on the Simple Traffic website. These affordable plans make Simple Traffic an attractive website traffic maker for businesses and individuals alike.

Simple Traffic pricing table


Simple Traffic, as a free bot traffic alternative, provides responsive and helpful support to its users. Their website has a comprehensive "Help" section that addresses common questions about their website visit bot services. If users require further assistance, they can quickly contact the support team via email or a contact form on the website. The support team is known for their prompt response times and commitment to resolving customer inquiries.

Refund Policy

Your latest payment is eligible for a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with the services, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days of registration and receive a full refund of your most recent payment. To cancel your subscription and request a refund, kindly reach out to their customer support.

Traffic Quality

As a website traffic bot alternative, Simple Traffic ensures high-quality traffic by forwarding real visitors from their extensive network of websites and domains. The platform uses visitor forwarding software to determine visitor demographics and match them to the user's targeting options. The result is genuine, organic traffic that has the potential to generate sales, leads, and sign-ups. Unlike typical traffic bot services, Simple Traffic delivers 100% real and relevant traffic, catering to the user's target audience.


In summary, Simple Traffic serves as an outstanding choice for businesses and individuals seeking a free traffic bot option to boost their website traffic and online visibility. The platform provides an intuitive dashboard, attractive pricing options, prompt customer support, and authentic, high-quality traffic. The free trial enables users to evaluate the service without any monetary obligations, making it an appealing choice for those aiming to increase traffic to their website. As an alternative to website visit bots, Simple Traffic consistently delivers effective and reliable results in enhancing website traffic. We wholeheartedly endorse Simple Traffic for anyone in search of an uncomplicated traffic bot solution that promises genuine, top-notch traffic.