Google AdSense
& Using Bot Traffic

Martin Freiwald

Sept 28, 2023

4 min read

Can I Use Bot Traffic & AdSense?

Yes. You can use our traffic bot service without hesitation, even if ads from Adsense or other PPC offerings are displayed on your website. Our bot traffic complies with all terms of use of AdSense. We regularly check on updates and changes in Google Adsense to abide by the regulations of Adsense and other PPC providers.

Why is using our traffic bot without risk?

We do not load any advertising to ensure no risk in using our service. Therefore our service will not generate any impressions, clicks, or revenue for Adsense.

Can I Use Bot Traffic To Make Money With AdSense?

Using traffic bots to manipulate advertising or to click on ads for one's benefit is a criminal offense and is strictly prosecuted. For this reason, earning money directly with our generated traffic bot is impossible. will take every action necessary to avoid abusing our service for such criminal tasks.

AdSense Impressions & Clicks

All Bot Traffic generated by will apply AdSense terms of use, which does not allow non-human traffic to load or click any advertisement provided by AdSense. Due to the terms of use, we have to block all ads by default.

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