The Power of Buying Bulk Traffic: A Comprehensive Guide

Martin Freiwald

Nov 29, 2023

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In this guide, we're plunging into Buying Bulk Traffic, serving you a full platter of insights. As we navigate this extensive guide, we'll decode the nitty-gritty of purchasing bulk traffic, illuminating its advantages, probable downsides, and the golden rules to optimize your investment. So, gear up for an enlightening expedition into bulk web traffic. Your journey towards making an informed decision starts here!

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What Is Bulk Traffic?

Bulk traffic is akin to snagging website traffic in hefty quantities to land the sweetest deal on pricing. It's essentially the wholesale version of buying website traffic, where the more you grab, the less you shell out per unit. So, if scoring a bargain while fueling your site with a traffic surge sounds appealing, going bulk is your ticket!

Why Buy Bulk Traffic?

Perks of Bulk Traffic Shopping

One glaring perk of opting for bulk website traffic is the neat savings on hefty orders - you could trim your costs by up to 60% compared to standard pricing. Bulk traffic buying primarily caters to two scenarios. Firstly, it's a savvy route for those looking to purchase low-cost traffic and resell it on platforms like Fiverr. Secondly, it's a one-shot deal for those wanting a traffic bonanza on their site without the monthly buying hassle, securing a sweet price point.

Top 3 Reasons To Buy Bulk Traffic

Ad Revenue
Ad-displaying websites can reel in more advertisers as traffic metrics soar, though artificial traffic won’t interact with ads, a caveat for AdSense users.

Metric Manipulation
Beefed-up traffic digits can glam up a site’s appeal, luring advertisers, investors, or users, showcased on platforms like SimilarWeb, used by marketers for potential partnerships evaluations.

Marketing & SEO Agencies
To meet client expectations or fast-track results, dabbling in cheap website traffic can be a boon, buying time, and hastening SEO initial outcomes.

Drawbacks of Artificial Bulk Traffic

Quality Quagmire
Often brewed with shoddy software and dodgy proxies, the quality of bulk traffic is a gamble, especially when sourced from freelancers on platforms like Fiverr.

Penalty Peril
Google’s eagle-eyed algorithms can spot unnatural traffic antics. With over half of global web traffic being bot-driven, high-grade traffic using residential proxies is key to dodge penalties. A misstep here and your site might tumble down the search rankings.

In a nutshell, while authentic bulk traffic is a hallmark of a flourishing website, the artificial counterpart often gets the cold shoulder due to potential pitfalls and ethical quandaries.

How Much Can You Save?

Let's unravel the savings when you opt for bulk traffic for your enterprise.

Example 1 - Small Bulk Traffic Order

Opt for our Mini Professional plan with 20,000 visitors monthly at $19.99 for 2 years (24 credits), and you'll shell out $480 in total. Swing towards the "bulk traffic" route, and with our hefty discounts, your bill shrinks to $190, saving you a cool $290.

Example 2 - Large Bulk Traffic Order

Embrace our Platinum Professional plan boasting 3 million visitors and 10 million pageviews monthly for 2 years, and you're looking at a $33,600 total. Yet, grab the same traffic volume in one go, and revel in up to 60% off. Your tab? Just $13,440, tucking away $20,160 for more lucrative traffic reselling or slashing your website traffic costs.

Discounts & Offers Using Bulk Traffic

Buying bulk traffic from us lets you pocket up to 60% off the standard price. Simply meet the following requirements to bulk traffic discounts of at least 50% off the regular price:

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Buying bulk traffic from us lets you pocket up to 60% off the standard price. Simply meet the following requirements to bulk traffic discounts of at least 50% off the regular price:

  • 1

    Mininum Credits

    Buy more than 12 credits of any traffic plans we offer.

  • 2

    Order Value

    Purchase website traffic worth a minimum of $1,000.

If you meet both requirements you are able to unlock the discount. Get an exclusive 10% discount on top if you pay via Banktransfer, catapulting your discount to a whopping 60%.

How To Buy Bulk Traffic

Reach out to your traffic provider via email or chat, and pitch for special terms. Often, a friendly chat or a different payment mode will unlock better rates than those advertised.

Resell Bulk Traffic

Harness the power of bulk traffic purchases to resell your website traffic on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, your own website, and other distribution channels like Facebook.

Stay alert, as some providers may have your bought traffic expire if not utilized or resold promptly. Know the terms well. With Traffic Bot, your traffic is ready whenever you are, as our credits stay valid until they are deployed, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Choosing Your Ideal Bulk Traffic Provider

Scout for stellar pricing; some providers cap discounts at 20%, but with the hefty margin in traffic provision, there's room for deeper cuts. Ensure the traffic aligns with your needs and is trackable across common platforms.Engage the provider, clearing any clouds of doubt before diving into a hefty investment. Confirm resell rights if you plan to resell the traffic, and check for any strings attached.

Your road to bulk traffic should be paved with clarity, fair pricing, and freedom to use or resell the traffic as you see fit.

Avoiding fake bulk traffic

Some bulk traffic bargains may dazzle with rock-bottom prices, but beware, as they often peddle traffic brewed from datacenter IPs and scripts. While they may parade on Google Analytics briefly, they vanish once flagged as invalid, leaving your website in a lurch.

To dodge this pitfall, we vouch for partnering with reputable providers, seasoned in the market with a professional web presence and glowing ratings. Your website's well-being hinges on genuine traffic, so choose wisely.

Quality Over Quantity: The Web Visitor Edition

It's alluring to opt for budget-friendly website traffic, hoping for a profit windfall. However, 99% of the time, that's a mirage. Prioritize quality traffic generated via residential proxies. Though pricier upfront, reselling high-quality traffic trumps competing on price, echoing the watch-selling analogy.

Selling a couple of luxury watches monthly, despite higher investment, trims your workload and attracts premium buyers, ensuring a rewarding return on investment. Opt for quality, and watch your web traffic investment flourish.


In the digital age, visibility is the currency of success. Buying bulk traffic offers a strategic advantage by getting significant discounts on website traffic. While the concept might seem straightforward, it's essential to approach it with a discerning eye, ensuring that the traffic is genuine, targeted, and aligns with your business goals. As with any investment, due diligence is paramount. You can harness the full potential of bulk traffic by choosing reputable providers and optimizing your website for conversions. As you venture into the world of bulk traffic, let quality be your guiding star, and success will inevitably follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk traffic refers to purchasing large volumes of website visitors from a provider. These visitors are directed to your website, increasing your site's traffic and potentially leading to higher conversions and sales.
Yes, buying bulk traffic is safe when purchased from reputable providers. However, it's essential to ensure that the traffic is genuine and not generated using bots or other deceptive methods, which could harm your site's reputation or SEO.
Look for providers with positive reviews, transparent practices, and a history in the industry. It's also beneficial to ask for references or case studies to understand the quality of traffic they provide.
Yes, many reputable providers offer targeted traffic options, allowing you to choose visitors based on criteria like location, interests, and demographics, ensuring a better fit for your website.
Yes, Buying bulk website traffic can be much cheaper. We are offering discounts up to 60% off the regular price if you buy a minimum of 12 credits and the order value is larger than $1000.
Yes, by buying Bulk traffic you become a high-priority customer requiring less support as you're familiar with the product, making you a valued customer.
Yes, you can resell Bulk traffic on any platform or service, including Fiverr, Upwork, or your own website.
Explore the cost savings by checking out how much you can save when you go bulk for your business.

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