Traffic Masters 2023: Review on Plans & Real Traffic

Last Updated: 03 May 2023

#30 Traffic Masters

Traffic Masters landing page screenshot.


Traffic-Masters is a self-serve traffic platform that offers a variety of traffic plans at different price points. Founded in 2008, the platform started as a simple pop-under advertising agency serving desktop traffic only. Since then, the platform has grown and now offers advanced targeting, social media promotion, mobile advertising, and a self-serve push visitor platform aimed at agencies.

1. User Dashboard

Traffic-Masters offers a user-friendly dashboard that provides users with complete control over their campaigns. Users can easily create traffic campaigns and monitor their progress with real-time analytics. They can control their campaign from their dashboard at any time, adjust their daily visitors, and change targeting locations if needed.

Traffic Masters traffic customization.

2. Pricing

Traffic-Masters offers a range of traffic plans at different price points, including adult, Alexa, mobile, social, web, and push traffic. Prices range from $2.80 CPM to $5.00 CPM, depending on the type of traffic plan you choose. Users can subscribe to monthly plans by checking the "subscribe" checkbox inside the order form. Subscriptions are billed every 30 days and can be canceled at any time from the billing dashboard found under the support menu. Traffic credits are automatically added to the user's account after being billed.

Traffic Master pricing table.

What is CPM?

CPM stands for "Cost Per Mille," which is a common advertising metric used to measure the cost of displaying an ad to 1,000 people (or "impressions").

CPM is commonly used in online advertising, particularly for display and banner ads, but can also be used for other types of ads, such as video and mobile ads. It is a useful metric for advertisers to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and compare different advertising options.

3. Support

While Traffic-Masters' support may not be as responsive or helpful as some users may expect, the platform offers a comprehensive knowledge base and a help widget found on the right-hand side of every page, which provides answers to frequently asked questions. The platform also offers email support.

Refund Policy

Traffic-Masters' refund policy allows users to receive a refund for any unused traffic plan without question. However, once a campaign has been created, a refund cannot be processed.

Traffic Master support form.

4. Traffic Quality

All visitors served from Traffic-Masters' platform are real people who are currently browsing millions of websites that the platform has direct access to. The platform's smart AI targeting automatically selects the best demographic possible by scanning the user's website. Users can also choose from a range of targeting options, such as demographic and geo-location, when creating their campaigns. While the platform aims to bring the best visitors to its client's websites, conversions will depend entirely on the user's website content and targeting selection.

Resell Programm

Traffic-Masters also offers a reseller program, allowing users to join their white label traffic reseller program and sell visitors to their own clients. Users can gain access to their entire inventory at wholesale prices, and their clients will never see the Traffic-Masters brand and will only order from the user. Reselling website traffic is one of the most in-demand services users can market, and the Traffic-Masters reseller program makes it easy to get started. Users can take advantage of their reseller program to expand their business and offer high-quality traffic services to their own clients.

  • Full White Label Reseller Panel
  • Create Traffic Packages
  • Account Creation For Clients
  • Full Control Over Pricing
  • Easily Edit Client Details
  • Confirm New Orders
  • Access Our Live Support Service

5. Conclusion

Overall, Traffic-Masters is a user-friendly platform that offers a range of targeted traffic plans at different price points. Its real people traffic quality and smart AI targeting make it a good option for those looking to increase their website's traffic. While the platform's support may not be as responsive or helpful as some users may expect, its refund policy and user dashboard provide users with complete control over their campaigns.