Traffic Speed

Last Updated: 30 January 2023

1. What is Traffic Speed?

Traffic Speed is a setting parameter that indicates how many visitors we will deliver to your website during your 30-day plan.

In your Project's settings, you can set the value of traffic speed from 0 to the maximum amount of pageviews available for your plan.

2. What is the difference between pageviews and visitors?

Visitors are the number of sessions started to visit your website.

Pageviews (hits) are the number of pages on your domain visited by all visitors.

If you purchased a plan with 20 000 visitors and 60 000 pageviews, each visitor will visit 3 pages on your domain.

3. How to set up Traffic Speed?

To set up traffic speed:

  • Go to your Project's settings
  • Find Traffic Speed
  • Type in your desired amount of pageviews (hits) and Save Changes

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