Returning Visitors

Last Updated: 02 July 2023

1. What are Returning Visitors?

Returning visitors are individuals who have visited your website previously and have chosen to come back. The rate of returning visitors is a crucial metric that quantifies the proportion of your audience that revisits your website within a specified time frame.

This indicator offers insights into the ability of your website to retain visitors and maintain their interest in your content over time.

Video Guide: Returning Visitors

Throughout this tutorial, we will clarify the definition of visitor return rate and outline effective ways to leverage our traffic bot for improving this essential aspect of your online presence.

2. Why are Returning Visitors Important for Rankings?

The returning visitor rate is a significant parameter for search engines in assessing the appeal of your website.

Visitors who repeatedly visit your website, particularly those who navigate directly to your site without using search engines, are considered valuable for your rankings. The returning visitor rate also delivers crucial information on the average navigation rate (pages per session) and the average return time.

These factors primarily reflect the value of your content to your visitors and their engagement with your site.

3. Recommended Settings

First, check two or three top competitors in your niche on their returning visitor rate. You want yours to be at least the same percentage or a little above. The next two recommended methods have become a very beneficial way to increase rankings.

Screenshot of user panel with Returning Visitors parameter settings