How To Setup

What is Geo-Targeting?

Geo-targeting is an invaluable feature that enables you to funnel their web traffic based on specific geographical locations. With this capability, you have the freedom to choose the countries from which your website visitors will originate. Our service provides targeted traffic from an impressive selection of over 195 countries globally.

Note that geo-targeting targeting options are exclusively available in our Professional and Expert traffic plans, as well as in our SERP traffic packages.

How to Set Up Geo-Targeting

Setting up geo-targeting to drive traffic to your website is a seamless process. Follow the steps outlined below:

Sign in to your account on the website and go to the settings for your project.

Navigate to the Geo-Targeting section.

Select the countries you want to get traffic from.

And voila! You've successfully set up geo-targeting for your website. It's a simple and straightforward process to help you take control of your web traffic sources.

Screenshot from User Panel with Geo-Targeting feature set to Europe.