Device Settings

Last Updated: 15 February 2023

1. What is the Device Settings Feature?

The device setting feature allows you to generate visitors using a specific device to browse your website. The feature is great for adjusting your traffic to your current behavior or giving search engines a specific signal.

2. What devices are available?

The available options include the following:

    Realistic behavior (30% mobile): Provides a balanced mix of desktop and mobile traffic, with 30% of the traffic coming from mobile devices.

    Desktop only (Windows and Mac): Restricts traffic to desktop devices, either Windows or Mac.

    Mobile-only: Restricts traffic to mobile devices only.

    Completely random: Provides a random mix of desktop and mobile traffic, with no restrictions on the type of device from which the traffic originates.

Screenshot from user panel with device settings

By selecting the appropriate device settings, you can optimize your website for your target audience and ensure that your website is accessible and practical for users on all types of devices.